Sportoken birth by fans to be a community driven MeMe token for Sport & E-sport with power of decentralization.

It is fully transperent and more powerfull than deflationary token systems with continuosly buyback&burn.

Sportoken will be bitcoin of Sport .

Just Hold and Love Sport while you are receiving your continuosly REWARD

Features of SPORTOKEN

[SPT] Sportoken have a unique engine to receive fees on each buy and sell transaction and distribute these fees according to shema on the right section within transparency to create a powerfull system

Auto Reward

All [SPT] holders will be rewarded as [MYC] in each transaction %2

Auto Liquidity

In each transaction of [SPT], %3 tax will be added to liquidity automatically to make our token stronger

Auto Marketing

%3 tax will be used for marketing and promotion process

Buyback & Burn

%2 fees goes to buyback & Burn


Contract Adress: 0xd677bed5adf1de76f957b108dadb280baa8f76b5

Issued price: 0.00006

Total Supply:

Burn on Launch:

We Create a Union to #SupportSport

“Strength comes from unity”
*Join our Union as volunteer to support sport in each section in the Universe .
*Join us as a dot and let the dots create a bigger wave for a better World



  • Website Launch
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Airdrop


  • Influencer marketing
  • 5k+ Telegram members
  • 5k+ Twitter Member
    • 5k+ Holders
    • Ads on Youtubers and Twitters
    • Contract Audits


  • 25k+ Telegram members
  • 25k+ Twitter Member
  • 25k+ Holders
  • Large influencer marketing push
  • Researching Decentralized Software Apps


  • 100k+ Holder
  • NFT Collections
  • Marketing with Sport Celebrities
  • Official Partnerships
  • Donations to #SupportSport 50K


  • 250k Holder
  • Play to earn Sport Games
  • Credit Card payment intregration
  • Web3 payment gateway Injection
  • Sport ticket payment softwares
  • Donation to #Supportsport 100K

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Frequently Asked

The team had an idea #Supportsport , so they wanted to make it real and Sportoken has borned.

Currently we are listed on  PancakeSwap. We have some offers from centralised exchanges which will be disclosed as we are near to listing on these exchanges.

Sportoken has been begun with #SupportSport idea. We aim to make schools are  sport goods which can not reach them in an easily way. We believe fairity in the universe and work for that.

Sportoken plans to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption by leveraging the power of memes and aggressive marketing. Thanks to Sportoken’s brilliant tokenomics, the Sportoken treasury is healthily funded and allows us to develop strong utility projects. More importantly, Sportoken is able to market its brand aggressively — creating mainstream awareness about Sportoken, our goals, and the disruptive utility projects we’re building.

Contact and Socials
Sportoken is not an investment and created as a joke & meme parody like Dogecoin. Sportoken makes no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors use at your own risk.  Sportoken and all cryptocurrencies are extremely high risk and may result in a 100% total loss. Nothing on this site is investment advice.